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Documentation: Known Problems

Here are a few problems known to be present in the currently distributed Hazel binaries. To find out what version of Hazel you are running, use the 'showreg' action.

More recent binaries (which might fix some of these problems) are available as we happen to build them. While new features sometimes introduce new bugs, these builds are often more stable than the release version.

A list of bugs in older Hazel releases is available on our "Stale Problems" page. All of those problems have been fixed in the latest Hazel release.

Current Problems

The following problems are present in the Hazel binaries included in our latest release distribution.

Hazel-Explode isn't exploding in H4, although it blowed up real good in H3.

H4 changed the way she internally sets the %HZV key selected, but neglected to uppercase it. If you use a Prefix attribute, be sure to specify its value in all uppercase.

Status: Fixed as of 4.060.

After editing an SKUID in my products file, Hazel crashes!

Hazel will crash when reading an extremely long (>128 characters) SKUID from the products file. Misplaced length definition in the source code. Workaround is to not make SKUID that long, dummy. In practice, this error crops up when someone accidentally tacks the next line in the products file (eg. a long description of an anal sex porno--you know who you are) onto the previous, which happens to be an SKUID.

Status: Fixed as of 3.490/3.9CI.

My Hazel-Explode isn't depositing its results into my Prefix value.

The Prefix attribute of Hazel-Explode wasn't being canonically uppercased internally. Workaround is to make sure your "FOO" in Prefix="FOO" is capitalized.

Status: Fixed as of 3.490/3.9CI.

My Hazel is crashing, apparently with a Hazel-Choice/True/False!

A mod=0 in a Hazel-Choice tag will crash with an E_DIV (division by zero) error. Workaround is to not give Mod a zero. Duh.

Status: Fixed as of 3.490/3.9CI.

I set HTTP_EXPIRES:-1, but Hazel still sends Expires, Pragma, and Cache-Control Headers.

Whoops, a bug. A workaround is to set HTTP_EXPIRES:86400 (a day) or some other large integer, which will prevent Pragma and Cache-Control headers from being sent, and the page won't expire within a normal browsing period.

Status: Fixed as of 3.475/3.9AS.

The MIN attribute of a Hazel-Loop is giving me an extra iteration.

After improving randomization in variable loop iterations, a bit of logic fell by the wayside. Download the fixed version.

Status: Fixed as of 3.469/3.99Z.

SNI Hazel-Choice doesn't work!

The SNI attribute for Hazel-Choice and friends doesn't do what it's supposed to. It's actually a casuality of cut-n-paste coding, and works exactly like SIN. Reverse your SIN logic until you can grab an updated binary.

Status: Fixed as of 3.441/3.971.

Hazel-Math causes Hazel to crash.

If a custom RESULT=foo attribute pair isn't specified in Hazel-Math, Hazel might crash. You can bypass this simply by adding a RESULT=RESULT attribute pair to your Hazel-Math tag.

This will only happen on certain operating systems with strict memory models. Linux and BSD are more lenient and will likely not be affected.

Status: Fixed as of 3.437/3.951.

My %HZQ token is giving me true values for an unselected SKUID.

This is probably related to your %HZM_UNSELECTED_QUANTITY setting. If it is true, Hazel will internally return that value when an item hasn't been selected. It's a bug.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.396.

Hazel is giving discounts so low, she must be KRAZY!

If items after an item with a volume discount appear extraordinarily low (ie. a few cents each), Hazel is probably b0rken. A variable was not being properly set within a loop, causing her to re-apply some optioned pricing code.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.390.

Hazel is leaving hazel.cgi.core files on my *BSD machine.

Hazel is dying with a floating point exception when she tries to explicitly cast an arithmetic operation to an integer. Anyhoo, big number make go boom.

Status: Circumvented as of build 3.389.

I'm sure an SKUID exists, but the search engine won't find it.

An SKUID search will never match the last product in the products file. Searches on other fields work, but searches on the SKUID itself (ie. SKUID^FOO for an SKUID which begins with the string "FOO") will fail on the last product.

Adding a dummy product after the last will circumvent the problem.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.383.

I get a "some items are insecure" warning when in checkout/finish.

When a shopper thrashes about too much, or sometimes just because she's moody, Hazel will forget she's in secure mode, and thus all %HZU tokens still point to the nonsecure server. A short-term fix is to hardcode all of your %HZU to their secure counterparts in your templates. A better fix is to download the new version if available for your platform. If it "senses" it's being served securely, the URL are switched automatically.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.370.

Hazel isn't recognizing my OPTIONS field in the products file.

The OPTIONS field value is case-sensitive. Make sure the value(s) in your products file and in your options file headers match case-wise. (Ie. "BUNSIZE" is not the same as "bunsize" for Hazel.)

Status: Fixed (to be case-insensitive) as of build 3.372.

Hazel's search engine isn't matching some product fields.

Internally, Hazel attempts to sort product field values into string and numeric categories. Unfortunately, a recent rewrite caused her to misinterpret a line such as "1,2,3" as the number 123, resulting in missed matches.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.337.

I'm seeing "Document Contains No Data" when I try to check out!

Normally, Hazel presumes that you don't want to serve catalog HTML pages securely; it's a waste of resources. So, when a shopper returns from checkout in secure mode to continue browsing, Hazel attempts to redirect them back to your nonsecure server. If both your HTTP_DOC_ROOT and HTTPS_DOC_ROOT have been set to secure servers, the browser freaks out and does indeterminate undesirable things.

The simple fix is to just set HTTPS_ALWAYS:1 in your hazel.config file. That tells Hazel you want to serve everything securely, and she'll not be redirecting your shoppers anymore.

This problem might also appear if you have HTTPS_AUTO set, but your secure HTTPS_* URL are the same as your insecure HTTP_* URL. The fix in that case is to turn off HTTPS_AUTO (and HTTPS_ENABLED) until you actually have a secure server.

Status: Not really a Hazel bug, but she was hacked to refuse to redirect to a secure server in build 3.335.

One of my WEEKDAY discount rules never matches.

The first of a series of pipe-delimited WEEKDAYS will be ignored by Hazel. For example, of days "THU|FRI|SAT|SUN", THU will never match.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.332. Workaround by inserting a nonsense day (eg. "FOO") as the first element.

An HZML rendering on the end of a line is joined with the next line.

When rendering an HZML element at the end of a line, Hazel will discard the newline characters immediately following its closing tag. This is intuitive when dealing with Hazel-Loops, where one doesn't want an extra blank line before each rendered iteration, but non-intuitive for other cases, eg. a Hazel-Choice on a line by itself.

Status: Investigating. For now, just add a single space after the HZML tag.

Complex tokens with trailing whitespace after HZML are not rendered.

A complex token with trailing whitespace after an embedded HZML token (eg. %HZ{M_%HZE_FOO }) fails to render properly.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.228.

Binary softgoods on my Windows NT Hazel are delivered corrupt.

Hazel wasn't properly switching to binary mode in Win32, so each outgoing ASCII 10 (linefeed, Unix-style newline) was being escorted by an ASCII 13 (carriage return) to form a Win/DOS newline pair. Thus, binary files were being corrupted.

Text (eg. HTML) softgoods were not affected, and all Unix-based versions of Hazel were likewise unaffected.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.227.

An option isn't showing up with others of its group.

If an option has the same name as its group, it won't be shown.

Status: Investigating. For now, don't give an option the same name as its group.

A product file field (eg. from %HZI_FOO) for one product isn't showing up.

If it's the last product in your products file, try adding a few carriage returns after it. Hazel is ignoring the last line because it ends with an EOF (end of file) rather than an EOL (end of line).

Status: As the field definition is not terminated with an end of line character, it isn't really valid, so this isn't technically a bug. Just add a return to the end of the line.

Browser-Specific Problems

These problems are with particular browsers used with Hazel. The solutions are usually beyond our reach, and rely on the browser manufacturers themselves to fix.

Hazel's "Quiet-Add" feature doesn't work with MSIE.

As of MSIE 4.0, Microsoft has implemented the HTTP standard necessary for proper operation of the quiet add feature. Versions earlier than 4.0 will not work,

Either don't use quiet add, or suggest that your shoppers Upgrade to MSIE 4.0 or to Netscape Navigator.

Status: Fixed by Microsoft in MSIE 4.0; nothing else we can do.

Hazel's frames mode doesn't work with MSIE.

MSIE does not support the HTTP "Window-target" response, which Netscape specified in its original frames specification as a mechanism for web servers to direct content to a particular frame. Because of this incomplete implementation of frames, MSIE will not work with Hazel's default frameset.

Build your own frameset instead of using Hazel's frames mode, or suggest that your shoppers upgrade to Netscape Navigator.

Status: Fix is up to Microsoft. We have contacted them repeatedly via e-mail and posts to their newsgroup, but have received no response.

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