Stale Problems

Like a big fat cockroach squished under your penny loafers, finally drying and flaking off after weeks of tread, these bugs are receding from the collective memory of the Hazel community.

Before even bothering to read the list, you should be sure you have the latest release of Hazel by checking our supported platforms page.

HZML tag rendering fails on long lines.

It isn't the length that matters, but the content. If the text before an HZML tag on a single line contains the word "hazel" (case insensitive), Hazel won't check the rest of the line for HZML tags.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.165. (Many thanks to Drew Stamps for discovering this bug!)

SKUID searches are case-sensitive.

This was broken in 3.032, when Hazel was hacked to pass SKUID search specs unmolested to allow matching of unusual SKUID.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.158.

Searches aren't picking up some long field values.

This was broken by haphazard cut-n-paste coding in 3.125, such that only the first 64 characters of a products file field would be searched. Note this was only broken for those who downloaded a post-3.1 build from our updates directory.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.149.

Recursive HZML tag blocks aren't working.

This has apparently been a problem for quite some time, but nobody's recursed their HZML blocks enough to trigger it. A non-minor re-write of the HZML rendering code fixed this problem.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.102.

Softgoods pickups aren't downloading the whole file.

Hazel is timing out when delivering a softgood file to the user.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.071.

Optioned prices are being doubled.

Somewhere after the official 3.0 release the price computation for optioned products was broken, resulting in prices double what one would expect.

Status: Broken somewhere between builds 3.0251 and 3.042, this effects only those who downloaded a post-release version of Hazel. Fixed as of 3.0597.

Orders are shown as being charged multiple times in my CyberCash Admin Interface.

If a shopper clicks reload in their browser after submitting a CyberCash order, the same order may be entered multiple times into the cash register. This was thought to have been fixed in later versions of the CyberCash scripts, and then with Hazel 3.0 which assigns a unique order-id, but there was a problem with the sequence of logic in the script.

An updated is available at the address below. After fixing this obvious problem, you should edit your cybercash_direct payment template to stress that the shopper should under no circumstances reload the page after submitting it! Reloading terminates the process, resulting in numerous order fulfillment problems.

Status: Fixed as of v3.4, available on our FTP site with the latest revision of the unrolled distribution.

Hazel's search engine won't match my underscored SKUID!

To boost performance, Hazel compresses search specifications by stripping all their non-alphanumeric characters. Unfortunately, this wasn't quite working, so SKUID specs were compressed (eg. underscores stripped) while the actual SKUID values were being read from the products file verbatim. So, SKUID with non-alphanumeric characters (ie. underscores) were impossible to match.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.032.

Hazel Softgoods on Windows NT says my pickup file does not exist.

Hazel uses a Win32 routine which falsely reports that a file does not exist.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.023.

Hazel crashes when an invalid phone number is entered into an ATS template.

While breaking a user-entered phone number into its area code, prefix, and suffix parts for transmission to ATS, Hazel breaks herself.

Status: Fixed as of Hazel 3.0141.

Per-product "NOTE" fields are showing up twice in the notes loop.

Internally, Hazel makes two passes over items selected by the shopper. The NOTE field should have been added only once, but the second pass was adding it a second time.

There is no immediate fix for this. If the use of per-product notes is imperative to your catalog and you don't want to explain why they're showing up twice, download a more recent binary if one is available for your platform.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.024.

Hazel is crashing when I try to confirm my order! I see something about a bytemark equaling "tally_shipping".

Check the rules file that's being used. (It's name will depend on the shipping method chosen, but will be located in the hazel-cat/rules/shipping directory.) There is a bug in Hazel 3.0 which will crash Hazel if a rules file does not contain any headers. Make sure there is at least one "[FOO]" (where the "FOO" part is any text) alone on a line in this file, before any rules line (eg. "50+:x10 @ Blah"). If that looks OK, make sure you uploaded the file in text (or ASCII) mode. Files edited on a Mac (with Mac end-of-line characters) may freak out the UNIX line-reading routines used by Hazel.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.002.

I'm getting a product showing up as "Missing SKUID FOO", but I'm sure its SKUID is in the products file.

If one of the products in the cart has a duplicate record in the products file, Hazel will not read one of the other products. Remove the duplicate records, and the problem should go away. If you have access to Perl, you can run the following one-liner over your products file to find duplicates.

quinn$ perl -ne 'next unless /^\s*skuid:\s*(\S+)/i; print "$.: $1\n" if $skuid{$1}++;' products

If you don't have access to Perl, try searching the products file for the SKUID present in the same order which do not show up as "Missing". One of them is the culprit.

Status: Fixed as of build 3.004.

Products which do not have a field defined which is required by AND in a search specification are included in search results.

Hazel's search engine would not properly exclude a product from match results if a field required by the search specification was not defined for that product.

Adding the missing field to all products will circumvent the problem.

Status: Fixed in build 2.939.

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