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Hazel is rich with features introduced and improved since her inception. Browse the general points below, or contact us with your own questions for more specific functionality.

Design Freedom

From her birth, Hazel has been bred for freedom. Every aspect is customizable, either through simple HTML templates, Hazel rules files, her HZML scripting, compiled plugins, external Perl scripts, and more.


Hazel has been used in stores around the world, including native Japanese and European catalogs in dozens of languages. From simple currency conversion to full catalog translation, Hazel can help.

Payment Gateways

Hazel works with most of the popular credit card authorization gateways available today. With the use of a payment gateway, shoppers complete their orders on your site without your ever having to worry about secure storage of credit card numbers and greatly reducing your risk of fraudulent orders.


The latest Hazel supports compiled plugins for applications too demanding or complicated for external hooks and scripting.

Optioned Products

Support of product "options" such as size and color was one of the first major advances of Hazel. Offer a variety of options on a basic product to expand your customer appeal.

Search Engine

Hazel features a built-in search engine which can find products matching queries both general and specific, directly from her products source. Rather than a free-form text search, she can narrow your shopper's searches to exactly what they want to buy, getting them to checkout faster.


In addition to providing features common to shippable "hardgoods," Hazel supports the immediate delivery of digital "softgoods" media with her softgoods abilities, now standard in the latest Hazel.

Custom Development

If there's something you need which Hazel can't do "out of the box", Netsville's technicians can quickly and efficiently tailor the system for you. With Hazel's HZML language Hazel can be extended to do many many interesting things with just a few lines.

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