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Features: Plugins
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Hazel features powerful plugin capability which allows compiled program code to be integrated into the Hazel process. With plugins, Hazel can be extended to do just about anything using existing programming interfaces.

  • Catalog "membership" for remembering returning customers
  • Integration with popular database systems
  • Encryption of email and other sensitive store data
  • Automated inventory and stock level management
  • Direct network integration with shipping systems
  • Integration with existing backend infrastructures

Because of the relative sophistication of the plugin interface, their use depends on the configurability of your web server. In many cases your server will be required to have certain libraries (eg. API for a particular database) and interfaces (eg. your data sources should be accessible by the server) which are not standard on many shared servers.

Plugins are a high-end feature of Hazel, and thus require more than just a standard shared web hosting package. If you plan to utilize the advanced features of plugin integration, you should first work on the infrastructure of your site-- collocate or host your own box, or consider a good hosting company which allows direct server access for developers.

If you're interested in development of a plugin or purchase of an existing Hazel plugin, please contact Netsville sales!

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