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Here are some common questions and answers regarding Hazel.

Q.) How does Hazel work with my web site?
A.) Hazel is a CGI application. CGI is a simple protocol for communication between applications and web servers. It's been around for nearly as long as the web and is supported by all web servers.

Q.) What kind of operating system is needed to run Hazel?
A.) Hazel runs on your web server, not your desktop. She is built for all major operating systems, from Windows to various Unix flavours, including Linux and FreeBSD.

Q.) Can I install Hazel myself?
A.) Hazel's Administration Module ("HAM") makes it simple to install Hazel on your web server. Simply download HAM, run it from the web, and all of the latest Hazel components will be downloaded to your server from Netsville.

Q.) Is Hazel difficult to configure?
A.) No! Most configuration options are entered when you first install Hazel with HAM. Later customization is as easy as entering options into HAM from the web, or editing her HTML files and templates.

Q.) How can Hazel help me distinguish my store from others?
A.) The prime design concept of Hazel is design freedom. Hazel is fully customizable, enabling you to design your online catalog to suit the look and feel of your site.

Q.) How can people view what they are buying?
A.) Hazel provides actions as simple HTML links or form submit buttons to initiate the checkout process. Additionally, you can use Hazel's Markup Language ("HZML") to display on any page the contents of the shopper's "cart. "

Q.) What if I have trouble using Hazel?
A.) Netsville provides a variety of both free and paid support options for Hazel users. We pride ourselves on high-quality customer service.

Q.) Will Hazel work with a database?
A.) Hazel's default configuration accesses her catalog and produce data from plain text files. Plugins are available for directly accessing product data from a database such as MySQL.

Q.) Does Hazel feature a search engine?
A.) Hazel's search engine is unique in that it doesn't search for text in your HTML files, but instead on data in your products files. This ensures your customers receive the matches they want, from the data you've explicitly provided for them to search.

Q.) Does Hazel work with my payment gateway?
A.) Hazel works with many major online payment gateways, including, Payflow, and PayPal products.

Q.) Does Hazel work with my shipping gateway?
A.) Hazel works with many major online shipping gateways, including UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service.

Q.) Where can I see examples of Hazel in action?
A.) We showcase dozens of live shops at our gallery at

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