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2010-Jun-25: Hazel 4.149 Released

Hazel 4.149 has been released for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X Intel. It is available from the normal location and can be updated from the HAM. In Hazel 4.149 the raw shopper values are saved to the userfile rather than the converted version. This prevents the possibility of variables being converted into entities twice. The HZR dict now contains everything that HZE dict does even from script outputs and special cases. This means that you can now use an HZR values any where you use an HZE value. There are also a number of bug fixes and improvents in this release.

Hazel 4.149 scrubs all input so it is a good idea to upgrade if you are concerned with PCI compliance.

2009-Dec-11: Hazel 4.148 Released

Hazel 4.148 has been released for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X Intel. It is available from the normal location and can be updated from the HAM for those who are running Hazel 4.146+. Hazel 4.148 has a number of new features and bug fixes.

Five new loops are available: credit, country, payment, shipping, and state loops. Check the Hazel loop documentation at for more information on these new loops. Each of these loops can be used to replace file loops in the checkout template. Updating your checkout template has 2 major benefits, firstly, you no longer have to specify a file name such as 'states.txt' in your template file, instead you define the filename in a hazel.config file variable or use the default. The filenames can be overridden by setting the CREDIT_TYPES_FILE, COUNTRIES_FILE, PAYMENT_METHODS_FILE, SHIPPING_METHODS_FILE, and STATES_FILE config file variables in your hazel.config.

The second benefit is that when Hazel 4.5 is released you can upgrade and not have to update your template files to get credit types, countries, payment methods, shipping methods and states from your database instead of from files. Check the Hazel documentation on how to upgrade your checkout template to take advantage of these new loops.

Several bug fixes and performance improvements are also included in this release. If you use a custom shipping method script set by the MY_SHIPPING hazel.config file variable then Hazel will no longer check your rules files if the script returns a shipping rate speeding up the shipping calculation. A bug involving editing certain template files not working in the HAM has been fixed.

2009-Nov-13: PayFlow Pro Upgrade Extended to Jan 4, 2010

PayPal has extended the deadline for PayFlow Pro users to upgrade their shopping cart. The new deadline is January 4, 2010. Many Hazel users have already upgraded successfully. If you have not yet upgraded your PayFlow Pro payment module we suggest you contact soon and schedule an upgrade. We can typically perform the upgrade within a day.

2009-Sep-11: Hazel 4.147 Released

Hazel 4.147 has been released for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X Intel. It is available from the normal location and can be updated from the HAM for those who are running Hazel 4.146. Hazel 4.147 is a bug fix release. The first bug fix involves cookies not saving cart contents in Firefox browsers. If you are running Hazel 4.146 it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this release. The second bug fix involves making sure that duplicate notes can't get added to an order. Thank you for everyone who helped with find bugs for this release.

2009-Aug-05: Payflow Pro Payment Method Update Required

Paypal has recently informed us that the old Verisign Payflow Pro method of accepting credit cards will CEASE TO FUNCTION in September 2009.

Any customer using the old Verisign Payflow Pro method to accept credit cards will need to have their Hazel plugin updated. Paypal, which took over the Payflow Pro method from Verisign several years ago, has made updates and improvements to the process. Our newer plugin takes advantage of these enhancements. We want our Hazel customers to be ready for this change well in advance.

See for upgrade instructions.

2009-Aug-04: Hazel 4.146 Released

Hazel 4.146 includes several new features. You can update your ham.cgi and hazel.cgi binaries directly from the HAM. You can also update to the latest HAM templates to get new HAM features. All inputs are run through a filter so that all html and javascript are rendered as text and are never executed. All inputs are scrubbed for malicious code before being allowed back to the user's browser. Rules file editing has been added to the HAM. Hazel 4.146 fixes a bug involving alternative OPTION_CODE_DELIMITER characters not being recognized in Hazel 4.142.

2008-Nov-17: Hazel 4.142 Released

Hazel 4.142 includes enhanced SKUID Checking to ensure that hackers cannot spoof a SKUID with malicious javascript or SQL.

2008-Sep-26: Hazel 4.141 Released

We added a new type of loop -- the directory loop. The directory loop loops over the files in a directory to display them. See the Hazel Documentation at for more information on directory loops.

The members plugin has been updated to allow you to be able to export your members information to a textfile. To export member information you need to add a template file in the hazel-cat/templates/custom directory and then run the following command:

hazel.cgi -action cl_list_all_members -template template.html

The template should look something like this:


Plain text version of %HZH_MEMBER_HASHPASS can be accessed using %HZH_MEMBER_PASSWORD.

2003-Mar-21: Spring Sprung: Hazel Website Reborn

Hazel's web presence has received a complete rewrite! We hope you enjoy the new format, and stay tuned for new developments, including a fresh and funky rethinking of our classic demo store. Due to national security concerns, sharp instruments such as Boy Scout boxcutters are being replaced with new Hazel souvenirs and memorabilia!

Older articles can be found in the news archive.

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