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Much more than a mere "shopping cart", Hazel is a system for solving your Internet merchandising needs with a flexible and programmable framework which will grow and change as you do.

What does she do? Well, she manages your online sales presence. Hazel provides the framework for the store you want on the Internet. She organizes your inventory for easy browsing by shoppers, and handles the payment process, from shipping and handling to sales tax to final credit card authorization.

Hazel comes in two parts, Hazel, which is the customer facing part and HAM, short for Hazel Administration Module, which is an interface for you to manage all of the aspects of your shopping cart.

Hazel manages your product views and allows the customer to add items to your shopping cart, checkout, select from various payment and shipping methods and sends confirmation emails both to the customer and shop-keeper.

All of the pages served by Hazel are html and can be easily customized to fit the look-and-feel of your webstore. Templates allow for customization without having to manually edit a bunch of individual html files. Product pages are generated automatically as products are added and can be transformed all at once or one-at-a-time to acheive the desired look and functionality. The shopping cart page, the checkout page, the payment pages, and the confimation pages can all be customized as can the resulting email that is sent out to the customer. Hazel supports many existing payment gateways and shipping companies or you can customize her to do your own thing.

The HAM allows you to manage your products, shipping methods, payment methods, sales tax, and all of aspects of running a shopping cart. The HAM is the administrative area of Hazel and allows you to control what goes on in your webstore. The HAM is an interface that modifies files in the background on your webserver. You can use the HAM or you can modify the files yourself so there is no lock-in, no binary formats, nothing keeping you from your data.

Plugins can be added to Hazel to allow her to track inventory, save user entered information, save your products and shopping cart information in a database and much more. Hazel can also be expanded by scripts to allow her to include functionality that we didn't think of. Hazel has hooks to allow a programmer to expand her functionality to include new payment methods, new shipping methods, and allows you to completely customize the store to fit your needs.

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