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The fourth major release of Hazel brought a breadth of new features. The plugin system built into Hazel 4 has allowed us to greatly expand upon what is possible by extending Hazel via new and updated plugins. What is coming in the next release of Hazel?

The next release of Hazel will be Hazel 4.5. Hazel 4.5 will build upon the features that Hazel 4 brought and expand upon them.

Updated MySQL plugin included by default

In Hazel 4.5 the MySQL plugin has become a central feature of Hazel. Although the MySQL plugin is not required, it greatly expands what is possible. The MySQL plugin has been expanded to include features to manage your products, options, orders, rules, templates, shipping methods, payment methods, credit types, sales tax rules, discounts, shipping rates, and more. Everything that Hazel 4 does now with files can be done within a MySQL database using Hazel 4.5. The HAM has been expanded to include features to manage all of your shopping cart needs. The MySQL plugin is fully integrated with the HAM. You won't even be able to tell that you are accessing a database except for all of the new features that show up.

More Payment Methods

Payment method support has been expanded upon in Hazel 4.5. You can expand your payment methods with add-ins for common payment gateways including PayflowPro, PayPal, and

Updated Rules System

The rules system for specifying custom sales tax rates, discounts, promotions, sales, shipping rates, and more has been greatly updated and expanded upon.

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